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5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

Laundry rooms are often cramped quarters, which is why the space can easily become a breeding ground for clutter. So, whether your laundry room is a spacious showplace with tons of storage or simply a corner tucked away in the basement, it is important to keep the space organized, it will make you feel better.

If your laundry area is filled with clutter, laundry chores will be more difficult and take longer. These organizational tips will help you get the particular space used for laundry in check and with simply a few minutes of effort every month or so, keep the space manageable.

  1. Use Every Inch of Your Space

Particularly in a small space, you’ve got to get creative and let your imagination take control. Whether that means organizing your cabinets to free up space, or creating a better system for all the laundry hampers around your home, using up every square inch of the room (in an organized fashion, of course) is important.

  1. Declutter the Space

Unless your laundry area is a shared space, get rid of anything that should not be in the laundry room. Even in a multifunctional room, the actual laundry work area should be kept clear of other items. If you have clothes you no longer wear and are taking up space in the closet, Toss the old clothes in the bin or better still donate them.

  1. Dispose or Recycle the Trash

Start by looking around your washer, dryer, and workspace at what should be thrown away. It is amazing how many things just never make it to the trash can. Throw away or recycle any broken hangers, empty detergent containers, expired and out-of-date laundry products, and damaged laundry hampers.

  1. Make Use Of Drying Racks

If you don’t already have a clothes hanger in your laundry room, it’s time to install one! A ceiling-mounted retractable drying rack may be the answer to your laundry room troubles, because it can be completely out of the way when not in use. It is a clothes dryer, that dries your clothes and can also act as a clothes rail where you can hang up your shirts and jackets as soon as they are dry.

  1. Organize Your Items

It is particularly important to store products out of reach if you have children, pets, or vulnerable adults in the home that could accidentally be poisoned by cleaning products. Make use of containers like boxes, a basket or glass jar for small items like clothespins, scissors, and scrub brushes and for items found when your empty pockets before tossing the clothes in the washer. This puts missing items at your fingertips so your family knows where to look if they are missing something. It may also be helpful to assign a basket for sorting those single socks or mittens until you find the mate.