Having a baby is a big deal and every mother deserves to have a special event to celebrate that. Here are a few themes you can adopt to have a fun and creative shower!

Lullaby and Goodnight

Lullaby and goodnight is also a good baby shower theme for a baby boy. It is more of a night time theme to showcase the beauty it has to the fullest. Lullaby and goodnight involve a perfect set of moon and stars. What makes it interesting is the design in which the stars and the moon shines. They are normally in an attractive creamy, white theme. The colours are more neutral which is good especially for the anticipated child. Other additive colours are, however, the best to enlighten the moods of the expectant mother. In the process, they provide the feeling of love and appreciation to the expectant mother.

Bun in the Oven

This term is derived from the most popular term as used by most moms-to-be. Amazingly, it has become a baby shower theme and is loved by many mothers. Apparently, it is very unique as it is compatible with almost all the colour schemes. To make it a complete baby shower, the bun in the oven theme goes well with plenty of deserts.

Rock Star Baby Shower

The rock star baby shower has plenty interesting factors to showcase. It is very interesting and can be appealing to the expectant mothers. It includes various amazing objects such as the turntable cake and bubble gum cigars. Rockstar baby shower can also be made more appealing with a little addition of objects. For instance, one can get creative and bring up the vintage style records hung and the baby onesies strung. They should be rocker inspired so as to be appealing as baby shower burner decorations.

In summary, baby showers are better off if they are like the babies being celebrated. They should be special, unique and even based on gender type. This way it can bring the right mood and create the best environment for the party. A baby shower is something that moms will always remember in their life. It is, therefore, important to choose the themes with care and also have a way to record those memories. One way to do so is by having a photo booth at the event