Benefits Associated with Using a Language Laboratory

A language laboratory is a school facility; usually a room, where new languages can be learned by students through the use of technology. History has it that, the laboratory came into existence through the Thomas Edison’s Phonography invention in 1877, and makes the reproduction and the recording of sound possible. Modern language laboratories have come a long way from the 1960s “listen and repeat” schemes, and also became grand zero for a hyper multimedia language education. Developing a control system for a language or computer lab can be an added advantage, platforms like Robotel makes this process a lot easier. The following benefits can be derived from using a language lab.

#1: Refines Speaking and Listening Skills

Two very important language skills that are often taken for granted when much classroom time is spent on reading and writing are the speaking and listening skills. However, in a language lab, students are always talking, always listening, and always practicing the language in focus. It is an efficient use of time. Also, productivity in action would be noticed if you are in a language lab and seeing students busy with apps, going about their lessons, playing language games, among other activities.

#2: Privacy

The headset gives the students psychological privacy that assists in the improvement of their speaking ability. It minimizes the fear felt in a normal classroom scenario, thus encouraging the shy students to speak. Also, the instructor can privately speak to a student or group of students without disturbing the whole class.

#3: Excitement

Using lab system usually get the students excited as it is less boring. It also helps in heightening the attention of the students and overpowering the boredom of repetitive learning. Students will tend to Complain If the Lab Lesson Is Cancelled Due To Reasons Like Public Holidays.

#4: Enhances discipline

The instructor can improve the class discipline by communicating with a student who is being objectionable privately. Since the seat management system is utilized, any act of willful damage or equipment failure can be easily reported by the next student in the booth.

#5: Record Keeping Is Simplified

With the use of a language laboratory the process of recording grades, attendance, oral true or false responses and multiple choice taped test is made easier and less stressful. It saves time since an automated keeping process is used.

#6: Helps in Building Student’s Experience

Students can improve their existing experience and acquire further computer knowledge while in the computer language laboratory. By practicing with applications, systems, and software, a student can improve his/her exportable skills. The more level of experience students have in computer technology, the more their chances of being successful in real life.