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Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles Treat the Root Cause of the Problem

Dark circles may be due to a number of things. They may be due to a highly pigmented skin condition which has been inherited from our family genetics. Or it may be due to enlarged blood vessels under the delicate eye skin. Other causes include dehydration, fatigue, besides overexposure to the sun, or due to the aging process.

It may be due to medical conditions pertaining to thyroid or renal issues, or even due to menopause. The skin under our eyes gets more delicate as we get older, and makes the veins under our eyes get more prominent as we age. As the blood vessels get enlarged, a cold compress is able to restrict these blood vessels. This helps to reduce the appearance of eye bags as well as eye puffiness. In case the problem is hereditary, a dermatologist will be able to supply you with the good eye care product that can also help to lighten the skinĀ  under your eyes.

The best eye cream for black circles also provide sun-protection in order to help fight the pigmentation problems. Certain eye treatments consist of “optical diffusers,” which can reduce as well as conceal the dark circles, as they contain light-diffusing pigments. The good eye care product also contain vitamin K which helps to reduce the appearance of black circles and eye puffiness.

When searching for the best eye creams for black circles, do remember that it is important to keep the eyelids safe from the elements. The protection that the best eye creams for black circles provide for our eyes, may make it common for us to experience irritation or infection on the eyelid.

While using the any best eye cream for under eye area on the eyelid, always choose something that is recommended for sensitive eyes. This is because the eyelid is a particularly sensitive area. You may also try using a cold moist tea bag and wrap it in napkins or paper towels and apply on your eyes. The tannic acid it contains will provide a gentle relief.