Scratch Resistant Car Coat

Caring for Clear Coat Paint

Many of today’s vehicles utilize the Scratch Resistant Car Coat. Some have moved to clear coat paint systems because of the environmental effects of other types of paint and top coat paint on the market. Others utilize it because of its strength and longevity. Both must work to understand the importance of caring for coat paint on their vehicles.

There are some special steps that you must take to care for the paint job on your vehicle if your vehicle does indeed have one. If you fail to follow these steps correctly, you may damage the finish on your vehicle – and will have to pay a hefty bill to have it fixed. These tips will help you to care for your vehicle’s exterior correctly.


One of the most important things for you to do for your finish is to apply wax to the vehicle regularly. This wax is going to protect the finish from a wide variety of environmental factors, the most important being the sun. The rays of the sun can easily damage your coat, as the rays eventually wear down the shine and luster of the clear coat. Most professionals will recommend that you apply wax to your vehicle at least one time a year; many will suggest that you do this twice a year.

The wax will also help you to steer clear of small damage to the top coat. This damage comes in the form of small scratches, scratches that are generally caused by debris, dust, and dirt on the road. This double-duty protection is what makes wax the most important part of caring for it on your vehicle.

Cool Your Car

It is important for you to wash your car regularly, as it helps to remove the acid and debris that will be found on your vehicle over the course of time. There are chemicals in the detergent that you use for your vehicle that are helpful when applied correctly, but can be harmful when applied incorrectly. Heat makes these chemicals work faster, which can mean damage for your clear coat. Most professionals recommend that, to safely clean your finish, you do not wash your car in the sun and that you cool off the vehicle with cold water before the wash.

Gentle Cleaning Materials

One of the biggest enemies to your clear coat is a small scratch. These small, tiny scratches speed up the issues that can affect this clear topcoat. Many fail to realize that the cloths and tools that they use to clean their vehicle are actually harming the vehicle. Avoid anything that could be abrasive while cleaning your vehicle when caring for your finish. You should not use a regular home-use hand towel; instead, use a towel sold specifically for cleaning vehicles.

It is not difficult to care for Scratch Resistant Car Coat on your vehicle. You simply need to put more thought and care into the way that you approach general cleaning. Regular waxing, cooling the vehicle, and using the right cleaning materials is key to caring for clear coat paint on your vehicle.