Country clubs in Singapore

Country Club Locales

A country club focuses on offering its members access to some manner of sports facility, usually golf, tennis, and sometimes polo. But they also offer elegant grounds that make fine settings for weddings and all kinds of receptions. When it comes to wedding receptions, country club receptions offer stunning backdrops and locales for your important day.

If you choose an indoor ceremony and reception, you will have it inside a stylish clubhouse. The clubhouse will usually have beautiful architecture, many large windows that allow a glimpse of the manicured grounds outside, and beautiful amenities including dance floors and areas suited for large dinners. Some country clubs feature Georgian-style architecture with windows from the floor to the ceiling, and even a rock fireplace and sweeping balcony. You might choose to hold your event at a location that has a Southern plantation-style, with large columns adorning the outer parts of the clubhouse, or alternately select a Scottish-influenced manor-house style of clubhouse. Others are known for their Spanish-influenced architecture and glorious fountains. You might enjoy the setting sun on a terrace that overlooks a fabulous view, any of which could provide the focal point you were looking for in your reception’s locale.

You might decide to go with an outdoor reception during the mild summer months of the year. This can be a glorious option depending on where your country club is located. Some country clubs offer magnificent waterfalls or lakes with glistening fountains, which can provide an appealing backdrop for your festivities. Perhaps you would like an evening reception at twilight, with views of the Pacific Ocean in the background. There are country clubs well-suited to fill this ravishing location.

Imagine an autumn wedding with a backdrop of trees with brilliant autumn leaves. Country clubs on the East Coast can provide you with just such a handsome locale for your wedding and reception. Since so many country clubs offer golf courses to their members, you could easily hold a reception outdoors that had the visual benefit of lovely golf course, mountain and city light views, which would be spectacular for an evening event. Country clubs in the southwestern United States can provide you with high desert mesa views so unique to the area.

Several Country clubs in Singapore offer sweeping views. Others in Tennessee make polo available to their members, and you could have a wedding and reception in horse country.

Select Country clubs in Singapore offer wedding hosts and hostesses several great options from which to choose when it comes to selection of your event’s locale. With all of the variety available, your reception is sure to be unique, based on the country club’s location.