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Customised Gifts for Him – Be an Excellent Gift-Giver

So, you are scuffing your head, chewing your nails or even tearing your hair out as you frantically rack your brains for gifts ideas for the man in your life. Whether he is your son, godson, grandson, boyfriend, husband, brother, Dad, Granddad or favourite uncle, getting gifts for him, thank God, is not nearly as taxing as you first thought.

From Christmas gifts for him, to anniversary gifts for him, to Birthday gifts for him, to Valentine’s gifts for him, let us face it, there are a variety of special occasions when a gift is required for your favourite man. Firstly, you want to uncover what his hobbies are. When in doubt, go for something useful; something that helps him work, study, play, or relax. That could be tools, sports tickets, concert tickets, and books.

Avoid clothes, though, and even if you are enticed, do not go for decorative items like vases, pictures, posters, and ornaments. What man would genuinely embrace a bunch of lilies or be excited about receiving a beautiful china cat ornament you purchased from your local homeware shop? If you are buying gifts for your boyfriend or husband, consider customised gifts Singapore for him. These kinds of gifts can be customises with his name and even a thoughtful message.

So you are on the “customised gifts Singapore band wagon,” but what exactly do you get him? Well, put simply, something that plays to his interests. For instance, if he is golf mad, consider customised Ryder Cup golf books, which feature every Ryder Cup Tournament starting from 1927 right up to the present day, as reported through the press at the time. You could even send him off on a golf experience day at one of the numerous Marriott courses across the United Kingdom.

Is he passionate about football? From FA Cup Final DVDs to football stadium tours, to football spoof newspapers, there is a shed load of pressies available that’d make “foot-tastic” customised Birthday gifts for him, not to mention fantastic Christmas gifts for guys.

Rugby, cricket, motorsports, tennis, horse racing, boxing, and Olympic sports are all superb gifts for customisation, but there are heaps of other outstanding customised pressies up for grabs. If your guy has a soft spot for creature comforts, go for things like customised mugs, customised classics, customized money clips, customized cufflinks, customised chocolates, and retro sweets. And yep, you guessed it; each item can be customised with his name plus a special message.

So that is the grown-up “him” covered. But what about Birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for boys? Consider plumping for fun gifts like customised jigsaw puzzles, stationery sets, lunch boxes, children’s books, sweetie jars, to name but a few. Giving presents like these show him that not only did you care enough to purchase him an uber-cool gift, but you took it to the next level by having it customised especially for him.

Each time he sees the gift you customised, he will remember that big day at which he got it. Naturally, this will also make him think of you, every time. In no doubt, giving him a present he will adore is always a winner, but giving him that same gift with his name on makes it that little bit extra unique and intimate. Both you and that special gift will never be forgotten.