body fat percentage

Determining Body Fat Percentage – The Quickest & Cheapest Method

Determining body fat percentage is one of the most important steps you will take in your weight loss plan. If you decide to ignore it, you may suffer the frustrating consequences re-gaining the weight you’ve lost. If you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, include this important step now… here’s how.

Most people will tell you that the best method to determining Body Fat Percentage is the skin fold test. The test will allow you to determine the body fat that lies just below the surface of your skin. This is considered very reliable because the majority of your body fat is subcutaneous (right below the skin).

If you are working with a personal fitness trainer, you have probably already had your body fat determined. If you workout at a gym but do not have a personal fitness trainer, you can probably ask them to help you with this,.

If you are a little self-conscious about having someone do this for you, or you are not working out at a gym, there are ways that you can determining body fat percentage yourself.

Equipment that can help you determining your body fat percentage can range in price all the way up to $400. However, rather than a complicated, electronic machine, you can lower your expense and still have an accurate reading from a simple set of body fat measuring calipers.

These body fat measuring calipers are low in cost, very accurate and can be used by just one person.

It is essential that you regularly check your body fat percentage as you progress through your weight loss program as an accurate measurement of your success. If you just go by pounds, you will be ignoring the factor that will ensure that when you lose the weight, you keep it off. This factor is not only losing weight but also gaining muscle.