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Easy And Delicious Noodles With Tuna Recipe

Noodles with tuna has been one of my favorite foods to eat and prepare since college. I can’t remember how many tuna cans I have opened and consumed and if I can pile all the cans together, I’m sure that I can build a fairly huge totem pole. I was in the school’s swimming varsity team and did martial arts after class so probably you can imagine how hungry I was when I reached home. Often I find myself rushing to raid the refrigerator and being disappointed for finding nothing that is ready to eat. Because of swimming and martial arts, I always have to watch my weight. I always had to watch the calories and the amount of food that I intake. I did try watching the calories but it was really hard for me to control the huge amount of food that I wanted to eat because I felt that I was always hungry back then.

Knowing that fish have lower calories compared to beef, pork and chicken our coach always encourages us to eat more seafoods, vegetables, pastas and noodles than eating meat. I am not much fond of eating seafoods but ironically I love eating canned sardines and canned tuna.

I often buy boxes of canned tuna and canned sardines and keep them in stock. I also keep in stock a good amount of pasta, rice and noodles. Whenever I can’t find anything ready to eat in the refrigerator, I combine these stuffs and make myself a healthy meal. I find that sardines goes well with rice and tuna goes well with noodles. Compared to sardines, I find tuna and noodles to be more versatile in many ways because I can eat it as-is or can put it in a sandwich or can add it to vegetables and make a good vegetable tuna noodle salad. Tuna noodles also goes well with rice, boiled or baked potato, and goes well even with bread. Tuna noodles is like my “Army Kitchen Swiss Knife”, mix it with anything and it will still taste good.

Here is one of the tuna and noodles recipe that I loved since college, enjoy!

Noodles With Tuna Recipe


– Two cans of tuna

– One Minced onions

– One minced tomato

– One tablespoon of oregano

– 1/2 tablespoon of sweet pepper

– Salt

– Pepper

– Two minced garlic cloves

– One cup of evaporated milk

– 500 grams of noodles


– Pour olive oil ion a frying pan and saute garlic, tomato, sweet pepper until transparent. Add salt, pepper and oregano.

– Add the tuna food including it’s oil and mix well. Pour milk and the rest of the oregano.

– Cook the noodles in a pot with plenty of water. Add a pinch of salt and mix everything well before serving.

– You can also use sardines or scampi sauteed in butter to replace tuna

Tuna food with noodles is delicious and easy to prepare and can be done even if you are in a tight schedule.