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Good Blood Pressure Readings – What Is a Good Reading and How Can I Get One?

Good blood pressure readings can’t always be achieved without medication. So, it is mandatory that you have your doctor check you for hypertension and follow his orders if he/she says you have it. In this article, you will learn what good blood pressure readings are, and if your readings are not currently good what you could do about it.

Basically, a good blood pressure reading is one where the systolic number, or higher of the two numbers is between 110 and 140, and the diastolic number, or lower of the two numbers is between 60 and 90. Because the optimal BP reading varies from age group to age group it is best a medical professional decides if your reading is truly a good one.

A Perfect Reading May Not be Perfect

Also, a person who has been living with a mild hypertension such as 150/92 may be considered to have a perfect BP reading if it is 142/84. The same person may have to be watched if suddenly he were to start getting readings of perhaps, 116/64.

Changes of BP readings for no apparent reason, even if they are considered to be within the realm of good readings, can mean that something in the body has changed and it should be determined exactly what it was that brought on this change.

Once again, it is only a medical professional who could determine this. Still, it is good to know what is normally thought to be a good level when you have your BP taken so you can at least know, if hypertension or hypotension, which is low blood pressure, is an issue.

What You Can Do on Your Own

If one has mildly high blood pressure and it has not yet been determined that medication is necessary, there are a few things he/she can do to help regulate it. First, the patient should make sure to follow a good diet which consists of fresh fruits and vegetables and high fiber foods. Fatty foods, high cholesterol foods and fast foods should be avoided.

If weight is an issue, eating smaller more frequent meals may help shed the extra weight. This is most desirable for people with high blood pressure readings. Other than that, exercises combined with fresh air and sunshine can also bring about positive changes.

Anyone can buy a bp machine price that will automatically measure his/her blood pressure. These machines can be very helpful. However, only a doctor can determine if more attention should be given to a person’s blood pressure. So, even if it appears that you are getting good readings in your home with a bp machine price, it is mandatory you have regular checkups.