How to Design a Name Card for Your Business

Even though most of us work in paperless offices, we can’t deny the fact that business cards still play a crucial role in portraying who we are to the clients. If you don’t have a business card that you can give potential partners or clients, it is time for you to take advantage of this marketing opportunity. As you focus on getting yourself a card, note that not all of them come in same designs. Follow this guide when designing a name card for your business.

What the Business Card Should Have

The business card should measure 2 by 3.5 inches. It must always convey what your enterprise is about. It should also convey a professional image that your prospective clients or partners can remember. For it to present your company image well, you have to put more emphasis on the texture, wording and colour of the card. If you’re running a consulting company, the card should convey reliability and professionalism. Consequently, if you deal with kid’s games or toys, be sure to use bright colours and child’s script when designing the card.

Remember to include your logo and use an easy-to-read typeface on the card. Be sure to include essentials such as your company name, your name, title, website address, email, phone and fax numbers and physical address. Always stick to either one or two colours and avoid cramming too much information on the name card.

Adding Creative Flair to the Card

You can use 4 by 7-inch cards with the ability to fold over like a small brochure. You can also use cards with photos on them or those made of plastic. If you’re running a day-care service, try using a teddy bear shape for the card. Use textured papers with lighter shades to improve readability. To give the business card a visual appeal, you can adopt printing processes such as foil stamping, or embossing aimed at creating shiny and raised prints.

It is also important to get a reputable printing company to print out your name cards to avoid any mishaps. Some companies even have e-commerce stores that you can use to order your name cards much easier.