How to design a storefront signage

Before investing money and time into developing a sign in Singapore. You should know the rules by finding out what restrictions and regulations your landlord or the National Gallery Singapore may impose. There might be a case where a printing company is opening a new storefront and they want to use a sign that exceeds the size allowable by the city?

They’ll need to use a sign that’s consistent with the other retail businesses in the area. In some cases, it’s as simple as adjusting the font size to be in compliance. It’s always best to go to the City Hall and find out what the limits and restrictions are.

Consider Function

What is your sign going to say about your business? There are various types of signs like informational and directional signs that provide directions to places, identify specific items and advertisement signs. Some other types of signs are persuasive for advertising sales or discounts. Business storefront signs need to be large and get attention to target customers to use their services like the printing company above.

Maximize Materials

The largest opportunity for branding a business is by using 3-Dimensional signs. You want to select material that reinforces your business brand. For instance, the printing company could use a high-resolution outdoor monitor, while a lobster shack could use weathered wood and nets.

Be Consistent

It doesn’t matter if you’re designing directional signs inside of your business, storefront banner, or promotional signs, all of the signs must be consistent with your business brand identity. Use the same fonts, colors, and attitude with all of your signs to cement your brand in your customer’s mind.

Get Professional Help

Like the printing company in our examples, they can use a graphic designer that can transpose their business logo with fonts and colors to the outdoor-monitor that can be seen from a distance and will still be in compliance with city ordinances.

Show Personality

Signs are not only about graphics, the words you use matter a lot. Directional signs can also convey your personality and brand identity. The printing company might label their vending machines “Ink-Jet” and “Laser Printer.” Be creative and find ways to express your business that compliments your personality.

Mix Up the Signs

You can say a lot more about your business than just the storefront sign. Once you’ve developed your logo or brand, reinforce your business with posters, banners, and window decals. These are ideal for changing signs during seasonal trends, inexpensive, and can promote events or specials.

Proofread Your Signage

Use more than one person to proofread, check spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors that undermine your business by making your customers question your brand competency. It wouldn’t look good for the printing company to advertise a sale and misspell the word “advertise.” Something this simple as one letter being misspelled can hurt your image and sales.