How to Design Backdrops and Props for Photo Booths through a Professional Service

Backdrops and props add a creative flair to the background of photos. As you are preparing for an upcoming birthday or wedding ceremony, you can set up a photo booth in place to make the event more memorable. Having a photo booth in place with well-designed backdrops and props requires some technical skills. This is the reason why you should enlist for a professional designer to do this work on your behalf. Here are some of the things you’ll expect from the professional service.

Why Hire a Professional Design Service?

Most professional designers offer high-quality backdrop and prop options to potential clients like you. They are also on a mission to find new ways of creating and sourcing awesome ways of improving the experiences of using photo booths. On your checklist for a good design service to help decorate a photo booth, be sure to include experience and professionalism as some of the qualities.

Through the professional design service, you’ll also get to enjoy custom backdrop and prop options at a price. Expert designers or design companies usually request their clients for a time allowance of at least 4 weeks for them to design, create and source backdrop and props options. They also adopt a minimalist approach when designing the props.

How Professionals Design Backdrops and Props

You can get backdrops and props that are either custom-made or pre-designed for your photo booth. Custom-made ones are expensive since designers take a minimum of four weeks to complete them based on your request. Pre-designed ones are usually available on the online or retail stores of the designers for purchase. Backdrop and prop options fall into three categories as discussed below.

Wrinkle-free Material

Designers use a wrinkle-free material to enhance the durability of the backdrops. Once you use a custom-made or pre-designed one during a photoshoot, you can change them whenever you wish by tossing one to the side. The material is also easy to clean and glare-free.


Poly Paper Material

Poly paper backdrops are light in weight and durable. They are ideal for use in photo booths during birthday parties or wedding ceremonies. To store them, you need to roll them up and place them in a shipping tube. They can stay longer without breaking or developing wrinkles when cared for properly.


Matte Vinyl Material

Matte Vinyl backdrops are more durable when compared to those made of poly paper and wrinkle-free materials. Designers use high-grade vinyl that has no glare and is durable. This material can withstand dirt and foot pressure hence ideal for use in any kind of photo booth.