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How to Diet Food Review – Tuna

If you are interested in dieting, you may have heard talk of how to diet. I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard everything though. In fact, if you read the rest of this how to diet review, you’ll discover three features almost nobody is talking about…yet…

Tuna is popular in many kitchens around the world. Tuna, like any other fish, is a good source of protein, polyunsaturated fats, minerals, vitamins A and D. Tuna is recommended to eat regularly. It contains proteins, which are rich in essential amino acids are well absorbed by people of all ages. Seafood and fish has less calories and cholesterol than poultry or red meat. Tuna is especially valuable fish which is low in fat and has mild flavor. 3 ounces of chilled tuna has about 1 ounce of protein. In addition to the enormous volume of the protein, this fish has a full range of amino acids necessary for muscle growth.

For this reason, the tuna is an important part of diet for athletes, especially bodybuilders. Tuna is rich in omega – 3 and omega – 6 fatty acids, which reduces cholesterol levels as well as the risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Fish fat, even at zero temperature, remains liquid, for this reason it is easily absorbed by human body. 3.5 ounce of tuna has: 0.8 ounce of protein, 0.16 ounce of fat, 200 mg phosphorus, 0.7 g of zinc, 0.7 g of omega – 3 fatty acids and 136 calories. Canned tuna still tastes very good and goes well with pasta dishes, it also is one of the most popular ingredient for a series of cold and warm salads. But tuna should not be eaten in large quantities because high mercury levels are found in tuna. Pregnant women and small children should avoid tuna.


Canned tuna is a favorite of people who wish to build muscles as tuna is easy to un-can and has high protein. Tuna is very affordable and since it is a meat product, contains all nine of the essential amino acids which create muscle mass. The only readily available plant that has all essential amino acids is the soybean. This how to diet protein is very affordable and is comparable in value to cottage cheese, or the milk derivative; whey.


Mercury is a neurotoxin that is very bad for you. tuna recipe singapore acquired high amounts of this metal by being on top of the food chain. For instance; very small fish eat plankton, average sized fish eat very small fish and very big fish (like the how to diet Tuna) eat average sized fish. Think of it another way, if one plankton has one microbe of mercury, you can only imagine how much mercury the Tunas have at the top. That is why eating shrimp (eats only plankton) is a good alternative.

Omega-3 fatty acids

These fats (usually found in fish or seeds) do a wondrous amount of good. The how to diet tuna recipe singapore boosts brain power; in other words, it makes you smarter than you think you are. This fat is good when it comes to fighting diseases of the circulatory system and the joints. The immune system strengthens with absorption of this fat. Some cancers such as breast, colon and prostate, have been known to decrease in effect and to be prevented by these acids.