DIN Rail & Panel Mount Power Supplies

Increasing Energy Efficiency With Solar Panel Mounts

Most people understand the reasons to incorporate solar panels onto their home, whether they actually utilize the technology or not. Since the purpose of solar panels is to capture light from the sun and convert it into energy for your home, you must obviously live in a place that has a great deal of sunlight year round to be the most effective. Also, your panels must be aimed at the sun to continually capture light throughout the day. One effective way of maintaining a square alignment of your panels to the sun is by investing in solar panel mounts.

Obtaining special DIN Rail & Panel Mount Power Supplies that are designed to follow the movement of the sun through the sky is an option that has been available on the market for years. Thus, they can be considered fully reliable. You can trust them about as much as you can trust your garage door opener. Of course, such an investment will not come cheaply, but the initial cost is offset quickly by the added energy collecting ability of your panels provided by these mounts. Generally, the amount of efficiency increase you can expect is in the range of 30 to 40 percent. The interpretation of this is that you can either produce 30 to 40 percent more energy for your home or use a fewer amount of panels to generate the same amount of energy you need to power your home.

When you imagine what solar panel mounts look like, picture solar power “farms” with hundreds of panels lined up on mounts all facing the same direction throughout the day. The movement of automatic tracking mounts is reliable from dawn until dusk, day after day. It resets itself every evening and runs the same course the next day. The power needed to supply a mount is inconsequential and still easily allows for a net gain of 30 percent or more per panel.

Older models of DIN Rail & Panel Mount Power Supplies required the owner to reposition the mount toward the sun every hour or so. More likely it was simply whenever they happened to remember. With automatic solar panel mounts, install it and forget about it. Benefit from added panel efficiency with no extra hassle. The only reason you might hesitate to make this investment is because of the added cost. Do not let that hold you back because these products last for decades and easily pay for themselves in added energy production well before that time is up.