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Nebulizer for Asthma Treatment

Nebulizers change liquid medicine to mist form and makes inhaling easy into the lungs of the patient. Nebulizer treatment is a boon for infants and small children having problems using an asthma inhaler.

Nebulizers serve to be very convenient while administering large doses of an inhaled medication. For breathing treatments that aim at immediate relief and maintenance of asthma symptoms, many kinds of medications are available for use with a nebulizer.

Nebulizers for asthma patients come in two kinds of models – portable models and home or tabletop models. When using a home nebulizer for asthma, you have to plug it into an electrical outlet. Tabletop nebulizers are larger than the portable models. Portable nebulizers are battery-operated. They are either disposable or rechargeable. In some models, you can plug them into a car’s cigarette lighter too. The smaller portable nebulizers can be kept and carried in a purse, briefcase or backpack. You can use them whenever and wherever you need a nebulizer treatment.

Nebulizers for asthma treatment can be purchased only after you produce a doctor’s prescription for the same.

Home omron nebulizer for asthma treatment cost around fifty dollars and the portable nebulizers are a little more expensive than the former variety. They are covered under the durable medical equipment portion of health insurance policies, yet the company may ask you to work with a particular medical equipment supplier. This implies that you must check with your insurance company before purchasing or renting your specific nebulizer for asthma treatment and see if it is covered. Speak to your health care provider and ask them to guide you when you make these arrangements.

How to use a nebulizer treatment:

– First, place the air compressor on a stable place and plug the cord in a properly grounded (three-prong) electrical outlet.
– Wash you hands with soap and dry them, before the treatment.
– Now measure the medication doses as instructed by the doctor and put them in the nebulizer cup. These days most medications come in pre-measured unit dose vials that saves you the trouble of measuring. If at all you need to measure, use a separate, clean measuring cup for each medication.
– Next step is to assemble the nebulizer cup and mask or mouthpiece.
– Then connect the tubing to both the aerosol compressor and nebulizer cup.
– Turn on the compressor and check if its working properly. You should be able to see the mist forming.
– Now sit on a comfortable chair and position the mask securely on your face. When using a mouthpiece, ensure to place it firmly between your or your child’s teeth and seal the lips around the mouthpiece.
– Now inhale the medicine in slow, deep breaths. Try to hold each breath for 2-3 seconds before breathing out as this helps the medication to settle into the airways.
– You should continue the nebulizer treatment until the medication is gone. This should take about ten minutes.

Remember to clean the omron nebulizer treatment after each using by shaking off the residual droplets of medicine and then washing it with warm water.