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Parking Management System With Several Features

Automated car parking management system is fundamentally an engineering, planned in such a path in order to oversee numerous car-leave regions in which every car-leave territory is furnished with a programmed till.

This system is empowered with a passage door and a leave entryway with shut circuit TV cameras for catching the picture of the number plate of a vehicle on its way in and out separately. Automated Car Parking Management imparts by the mechanism of web with a remote control focus.

Automated Management System offers best in class parking management system that satisfies the necessities of expert and imaginative management of current car parking. In this automated system, we can give car-parking systems to both ground level parking and multi-story car parking with a few highlights.

These highlights include:

– Access to the region

– Control of vehicle streams

– Manual and programmed method of installments

– Can supply account and managerial proclamations to the approved individual

– Access control 24×7 with enrollment plate acknowledgment

– Automatic task of doors and retractable posts

– Schedule control

– Time and customer account management

– Public and private car leave management

Automated car parking is completely programmed, unified answer for your multi-site, multi-zone car leaves, which is accessible 24×7 consistently. As we probably am aware, it depends on number plate acknowledgment subsequently simple to utilize.


– Security for open car parks,company car leaves, banks, stations, organizations, and so on.

– Access control for lodgings, clubs, campgrounds, and so forth

– Access control for mechanical providers and coordinations

– Automatic invoicing

Automated Car Park Management system can likewise be incorporated with car leave management programming that can deal with:

– Site format

– Up-to-date clients document

– Schedule per control point/client

– Number of accessible parking spaces per zone

– In and out stream report

– Parking time/cost management

– Quotas in shared car leaves

In this system, vast parking locales can be overseen by interconnecting a few individual destinations. All passageways are then halfway overseen from a brought together server.

An car park operators singapore involved a parking rack and somewhere around one car-lifting feeder. The parking rack is separated into a majority of parking spaces. This car-lifting feeder has a couple of look over like wings for carrying a car into a couple of brush like stages, which are made on each parking space in the parking rack.

car park operators singapore takes into account a mistake free, quick read, non-duplicatable option in contrast to the customary methods for site security. With an assortment of transponder structure factors that can be mounted on or inside the vehicle, individuals can enter a verified zone without opening an entryway or a window to acquire approval. Via automated car parking management system, we can oblige more cars in less space. This equation can be connected to practically any city on the planet. This is most likely the prime reasons why automated car leave systems are an exceptionally alluring option in contrast to ordinary car parking systems by making utilization of accessible space in increasingly effective way.