Portable Nebulizers Efficiently Administer Medication

Nebulizers are medical devices that are used to administer medication into the lungs through a form of mist that is inhaled. These devices are used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. They are used as an alternative for people who cannot use an inhaler (infants who have asthma, for example), or to deliver a large dose of medication. They come in two forms: home and portable nebulizers.

The version of this device that is made for home use is large and it sits on a table or countertop. Nebulizers are used for the immediate relief of respiratory symptoms, and the home model is only useful when the person is in their home. However, the onset of symptoms can happen any time of day. The invention of portable nebulizers made it easier for people with respiratory diseases to get out of the house and live a more normal life.

These models are small enough to carry in a purse or small bag, and can be held in the patients hand when in use. They are often more expensive than home models, but they are covered under most health insurance companies. Health care providers will help patients find out if they are covered.

The Beetle Neb Compact Ultrasonic Portable Nebulizer is ideal for traveling. It is so compact that it only takes one hand to operate the machine. This model comes with a potable battery pack for travel convenience. There is also an AC adapter included so it can be plugged in and powered or charged on the go.

This particular nebuliser includes an adult mask and a pediatric mask, so it can be used by patients of all ages. The ultrasonic treatment breaks down the particle size for a deep therapy. Some nebulizers, especially home models, can be loud and disruptive to use. The Beetle Neb, on the other hand, uses silent operation technology Рanother reason why it is ideal for traveling.

Adults or children who struggle to breathe due to respiratory diseases may be scared to leave the house because symptoms can occur unexpectedly. A sudden onset of symptoms is terrifying when the person cannot breathe. The use of portable nebuliser helps calm these fears, as they provide immediately relief and treatment to the sufferer. This device provides peace of mind that allows people with severe asthma or other respiratory diseases to lead a healthier, more normal life.