tuna salad

Ramen With Canned Tuna – Quick, Easy and Nutritious Bachelor’s Meal

I used this recipe a ton in collage, between classes, or when studying for exams. It has everything you need; carbs, protein, its fast, easy, great tasting and very filling! I always had some dry noodles and some canes of tuna lying around. Even nowadays… after a workout at the gym, when I’m looking for a quick source of protein and energy for muscle recovery, I’ll pop out the old recipe.


· 2 servings or 200 grams of uncooked (ANY type) of ramen or noodle/pasta
· Microwave or stove
· Boiled water 1 cup per 100 grams pasta/noodle
· Salt and pepper to your liking
· 1 spoon any kind of oil or grease (best are olive oil or plain butter)
· 1 canned tuna of your liking
· 2 spoons lemon juice, preserved lemon juice, or even sour salt
· 1 medium sized bowl or plastic container
· Any form of hot sauce recommended

Start boiling water; meanwhile setup the noodles with a pinch of salt in the bowl/container so they are ready for boiled water. It is recommended to put them near the microwave/stove, so you can start cooking immediately after adding the hot water.

Mean while, open a tuna salad and drain oil or water into the sink. The water should be boiling by now, so pour it into the bowl/plastic so it covers the noodles, make sure not to put in too much. Leave at least an inch from the edge of the bowl (trust me your unburned hands will thank me later). If the noodles float a bit that’s ok… just push them back a bit so they get wet, the cooking will do the rest.

Now put them in the micro for about 10 minutes on medium heat (about the same with a stove, make sure the heat is on low). It is recommended to let the noodles “sit” for about ten to fifteen minutes, but if you’re in a hurry just take any kind of lid or plate and use it to cover the noodles while you drain the hot water into the sink. Then rinse the noodles with some water from the faucet to cool them a bit before you add the other ingredients.

To finish up you should add the butter to the noodles (if using oil doesn’t matter) when they’re still a little hot so the butter can properly melt. Add the lemon juice and a good amount of salt. Try to taste the noodles after you add the salt to see if you need more (about a tea spoon or two should be enough). Now add the tuna salad while “breaking up” tuna a bit so the junks are smaller (do NOT make them too small or else you will lose the great texture)

That’s it! Stir a bit and enjoy this awesome meal!!