Research Shows TENS Unit Can Ease Certain Pains

Pain management is extremely important especially for individuals who are forced to live in agony or discomfort; that’s no way to live. Depending on what sort of pain you have to deal with, it might not be something that can be treated and while pain is usually a good thing in that it acts as a sensor for our body to know when something is wrong, when it is an issue we can’t get rid of at the moment, it can be both physically and emotionally draining. It’s times like these that seeking out a decent pain management device can be life changing. The most common pain relieving devices are called Transduction’s electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS for short. They use an electric current in order to stimulate the nerves, promote healing and stop the pain.

TENS units have been gaining popularity for a lot of reasons. There are a couple different intensities at which you can apply. The tens unit is portable and easy to carry with you anywhere. The higher charges are around 50 Hz and the lower end of the scale will be around 10 Hz. Both of them cause contractions where ever they are applied and will jolt the nerves and stimulate a healing sensation, eradicating the pain.

Another great thing about the TENS devices out there is that they won’t hurt you or cause additional pain as long as they are used properly. While they do use electric currents they are not high enough to cause any pain or discomfort. TENS are also side effect free unlike the bulk of pain medications out there. You won’t have to deal with any nasty side effects that often come from pain medication either.

TENS has been approved by the FDA as one of the safest and most reliable pain management devices. It shouldn’t be used on your head, or if you have a pacemaker or anywhere on your body where there is a component that may be affected by the electricity but other than that there will never be any danger so long as you use the TENS correctly.

The TENS devices have continued to be developed and perfected and now there are more models coming out for specific situations such as the MICRO version which is made for migraines; a revolutionary way to get rid of migraine pain. Getting the unit isn’t very difficult either and you can buy them under a variety of insurance plans and as long as you have a prescription from your doctor, and the TENS unit will be shipped directly to your home. Medicare even allows you to rent a TENS unit however they won’t approve a permanent one.

If you do acquire a TENS you’ll be able to get a full year warranty on the model as long as there is no water damage. You can pay for longer warranties as well and if anything goes wrong they’ll fix it for free. The TENS is very durable and reliable so you more than likely won’t have issue but a warranty is always a comfort to have.

If you are tired of living in pain then give tens a shot. It might be the pain solution you’ve been waiting for.