Baby cot

Safety of the Baby – How to Choose a Baby Cot?

Newborn babies sleep up to 16 hours a day but mostly in periods lasting 3 to 4 hours each time. Despite the fact that most cultures may encourage sleeping with your baby, for safety purposes you are discouraged to give it a try. While you are fast asleep, you can suffocate or strangle your baby if sharing the same bed.

It is therefore, important that you take into account that buying your baby a baby cot that may last 2-3 years. Here are some of the factors to take into account before purchasing a baby cot.

Types of Baby Cribs

There are standard and convertible types available. Standard may have a single or double layer drop size that is for easy placing or for easily withdrawing the baby from the cot.

The convertible baby cot can last up to 5 years. It’s set to act like a crib within the first 3 years after which it may be used as a toddler bed when the child grows up. Some cots can even be converted into a full sized adult bed. It costs more than the standard type though. There are also some cots that can be used as a changing table for little ones. As such, you’ll fully assess your needs before purchasing a cot.


How secure a cot is always very important, here are a few tips:

· Separation distance between cot slats should be at least 6cm to avoid hands getting stuck.

· When lowered, drop sides should be more than 23cm above mattress support and 66cm when raised to prevent babies from falling.

· Should have a secure dropside locking system; preferably one where you can lock and unlock with one hand such that the other supports the baby.

· No peeling paint from the cot, rough corners, edges or splinters.


It’s a difficult task identifying a mattress that suits your baby. Always remember to measure the cot before buying a mattress. The best fit would be one that fits into the cot perfectly leaving no gaps. The largest allowance between the mattress and the cot should be one finger. Check the mattress frequently and replace it if you are able to insert two fingers comfortably into the allowance.

Baby cot that are too soft are dangerous for your baby. Due to the softness, the baby may sink into the mattress which hampers their movement. The worst case would be suffocation and even death. Babies don’t suffer from back pains so a firm mattress would do enough good.


Remember to put the baby in the Baby cot to sleep so as to signal it that this is the place to sleep. It may take several weeks for the baby’s brain to understand the difference between day and night. There is no shortcut in achieving this, except for only following the routine consistently.