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Simple Ways To Revamp Your Laundry Room

Do you ever look at the unending mountain of laundry in your house and wonder when it will end? Washing clothes can feel like one of those thankless jobs that seems to go on till eternity. The dirty garments just keep coming in no matter how often you, wash, sort and fold. Laundry room organization can make this process easier because it will help you streamline the tasks. If you’ve got a utility room already, whether or not you use it for doing the laundry, it is likely to be a place where you temporarily store junk. To get the best out of your laundry room, think about renovating it with some fabulous styles, or better still, just add one or more automated laundry system, allowing you to efficiently organise your laundry room. Either works perfectly fine. A good laundry room design has just as much thought put into it as a kitchen.

  • If you are converting a space in your home to become a laundry room or you’re considering improving your laundry room, then remember that the function of the room will affect the design choices you need to make, for example you need to improve the functionality of your laundry space by installing a work sink.
  • Paint it! A quick and easy paint job of your choice as an accent wall or just freshen up the whole room. A laundry room decorated in white creates a clean atmosphere. If your laundry room is tucked away with no natural light, keeping the floor and ceiling white is a good idea as this will make it seem brighter. You’ll be surprised at what a little paint can do.
  • Effective laundry room organization is often about maximizing the space in an otherwise congested room. Sometimes the efforts of your laundry room are exhausted because of your appliances! Look for innovative ways to find extra room, such as installing the automated laundry system. A special type of drying rack that can be folded away when not in use and can be installed very simply. It maximally optimises space.
  • Build a laundry sorting system that fits your needs. Laundry can be done with in no time if it is already sorted. A hamper system with labels for laundry colors are a perfect way to stay organized and keep your laundry contained and colorful.

Laundry rooms need not be very large spaces, even if you have a big property. So long as you can move around within the space don’t worry if the room is nothing more than a glorified closet.