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Some Advice for Those Out There Who are in Need of the Perfect Math Tutor

You may have succeeded easily in math class; but, this term you started your pre-algebra course and you’re slightly struggling with the more than challenging homework problems and can’t connect what your teacher said in class to what you have for homework.

The best math tutors understand that good math skills begin with a solid math foundation and a focussed mathematical mind set. By having a one on one math tutor, it allows for a student to concentrate on individual challenges. A number of students have to revisit elemental math skills such as fractions, decimals, or percentages.

Having a Personal Intuitive Connection

One of the first things will be that the right math tutor will somehow feel right and “click” with you. Be on the lookout for a tutor with the right kind of personality which complements you. As you will be possibly spending quite a bit of time together in the near future, working well and feeling comfortable together is a wonderful start.

Educational History

To be most efficient, a qualified math tutor will require a full understanding of the material which will be covered. This is exactly where an educational background becomes highly relevant.

  • For any elementary math students, a tutor who possesses a high school diploma should be sufficient.
  • For junior high or high school students, a math tutor should have at least an undergraduate degree, and preferably in science, technology, engineering, or math.
  • Any possible candidates who hold a mathematics teaching credential or master’s degree in mathematics education are perfect.

Experience as a Teacher

The best math tutors have to be able to project ideas in a way which maximises conceptual understanding of any material. This involves the use of auditory, visual, and tactile styles of engagement.

Which method gets to be utilised will be determined by the personal learning style of the student.

Do You Feel Better in a Small Group or in a One on One Lesson?

Yet another important feature of tutoring to think about is the ratio of teacher to student. People differ and a number of students work better in a small group where they can work as a team to discuss and solve any challenging math problems. And others prefer one to one math instruction which minimises any distractions.

Matters of Time

From the start, you should ensure that a time frame is established.

  • Will the tutor be available for the duration of this school year?

It’s in your very best interests to not wait until the week before finals to track down a good math tutor.

You need to feel challenged and not get frustrated, so you can continue to succeed with increasingly more complicated math projects. The sooner you receive skilled math support, the sooner you will be onto that road to being successful in math!