Op Amps

Technical Aspects of Op Amplifiers

The amplifier is an electronic device for increasing the strength of electrical signals, mainly used in sound reproduction. The special characteristic of the amplifier is that it consumes very little power in the process of handling a large quantum of energy. The increased strength of signals is called ‘gain’ which is measured in decibels. It is widely used in television sets, CD players and almost in all devices or instruments that produce and magnify sound. It is, therefore, necessary to understand clearly the requirements of the product sought, before contemplating shopping for amplifiers.

Technical aspects are to be studied properly. In case the consumer is not fully conversant with the subject, it is better to seek assistance from a professional. There are many factors like gain, output dynamic range, bandwidth, noise level and efficiency that are to be considered while choosing the right product. These factors depend heavily on the purpose of the product or on which device the amplifier is to be adopted.

There are many categories of amplifiers and they are used for multifarious purposes. Among them audio amplifiers are more familiar to the consumers as it is a widely popular application. For example, any music system needs amplifiers to enhance or regulate the sound output. In the earlier stages amplifiers were used only to control the volume of sound. But later technology was up dated. The amplifiers are now used not only to increase the volume of the sound but also to offer clarity to the contents.

A remarkable advantage of the modern amplifiers is that it can improve the modulation of signals to give an accent either to the vocal sound or instrumental output. Amplifiers are used in guitars and some other musical instruments. Electronic amplifiers are incorporated in radio and TV transmitters. Such amplifiers will have transistors as the basic contents. Public address systems and home theatre systems are other areas where amplifiers are employed to enhance the quality of audio output. Sound card of the computers is featured with audio amplifiers.

Today even the layman is aware of the significance of amplifiers, but that does not mean that everyone is conversant with the inherent technicalities involved in them. Different sizes and types of amplifiers are used in the modern gadgets. Vacuum tube or valve amplifiers, transistor amplifiers, operational amplifiers and fully differential amplifiers are some of them. There are video amplifiers of various types. Oscilloscope vertical amplifiers and distributed amplifiers are widely used.

The Entertainment industry is fast developing and innumerable devices, instruments and equipments are being introduced for public consumption. HiFi systems, television, smart phones and gaming consoles are only a few in which amplifiers are incorporated. There are plethora of such utilities in use in the contemporary society. Car amplifiers are widely sought after products. All modern cars have music systems incorporated in them as an original accessory. Even otherwise people want music systems in the cars and shopping for the products. There are consumers who up grade the existing system to enhance quality. The importance of Op Amps is now paramount.

Internet is the best source to gather information about various types of Op Amps in the market. All leading manufacturers like Kenwood, Pioneer, Yamaha, Cambridge Audio and Onkyo have introduced their quality products which are highly sensitive and powerful. Consumers have wide choices as both cheap and expensive amplifiers are offered by market leaders.