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The Future of Parking Management Service

As technology has made many of our daily activities increasingly seamless and convenient, from shopping to paying bills—even traveling from point A to point B, thanks to app-based ride-hailing services and real-time traffic updates—parking has stubbornly resisted, remaining among the worst elements of vehicle ownership.

But help may be just around the corner, Over the years, car parking systems and the accompanying technologies have increased and diversified. Parking management have been around almost since the time cars were invented. In any area where there is a significant amount of traffic, there are parking managements which oversees and ensures efficient parking with ease.

Parking systems provides sophisticated and cost-effective programs that generate revenue streams for all types of properties through parking management and parking lot leasing.

  • The installation of car park barriers is an effective way of maintaining complete control over the entrances and exits. True, but now modern technology is continually coming up with new ways to keep your system and property safe. For example, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), uses the radio waves section of the electromagnetic spectrum to identify objects. A RFID parking system will maintain a log of which cars have entered, left, and are presently in the lot. This allows any untagged or suspicious vehicles to be identified and monitored. Systems like ANPR / LPR (Automatic Number / Licence Plate Recognition) also provides the ultimate solution for effective traffic surveillance and car park monitoring, which enforces car park security and help monitor vehicle access and lots more. More and more parking operator are adopting this system instead of the old and manual way.


  • Parking managements have developed various green initiatives to reduce energy consumption and vehicle emissions. Initiatives include tree planting, involvement in Electric Vehicle programmes and the installation of environmentally friendly features in car parks such as ticketless parking meters, LED signs that are integrated to wayfinding assist in reducing travel time and CO2 emissions, Low energy lighting that reduce energy consumption, Natural ventilation with automatic CO2 monitoring and also, Solar panels to reduce power consumption, provide energy to electric vehicle charging facilities and reduce energy costs.


  • Access and revenue systems allow car park management and operators to control access and collect parking revenues from users. ARC systems, when combined with policy and procedure, can speed entry and exit from a facility and secure revenues through audit records. Transient parkers pay for parking on a short-term basis, typically daily or less. Non-transient parkers are people that use a permit or credential to park on an ongoing basis (e.g., monthly parker).


  • Parking managements provides services ranging from power sweeping and washing, painting and general housekeeping, environmental compliance, state-of-the-art equipment and technology to concrete and asphalt repairs.

From automated barriers to license plate scanning, parking technology is becoming more convenient for both municipalities and individual drivers. Take advantage of these new innovations to cut costs and increase overall efficiency.