circulation pumps

What is a Circulating Pump?

Hot tub spa owners love to enjoy a soft massage on their back while they are in the tub. And the massage can be made to be given by the water movement if this movement can be controlled. A circulation pumps can be used for this very purpose.

This kind of pump is used to move water around. It would not fetch new water from outside, but would run to make the existing water of your hot tub or pool flow around in a nice and smooth motion. As a result, the users of the spa will feel a comfortable flow around them. If well-controlled, this would lead to a nice feeling that would resemble a soft massage.

A pump like this does not lift the water, which means it does not have to change the potential of the water from low to high. The only external hindrance it would require to encounter is the pipe friction. So, by fundamental rules of physics, the energy consumption of a circulating pump is low. In fact, it is much lower than a conventional pump that would always fetch the water from underground levels.

Circulating pumps are also water conserving. In an era where water crisis looms large, these pumps help you reuse the water simply by filtering and recirculation. This makes these pumps environment friendly too.

Which are the good circulating pumps to go for? There are a number of brands with difference makes and models. Laing circulating pumps have been the best performers in recent past. These pumps have earned fame for performance as well as energy efficiency. Also, pumping at the right speed is critical for the best of user comfort. Laing circulation pumps have done a great job of pumping at the right speed too. A Laing pump is a good pump to go for, from the standpoint of a hot tub spa owner.