Bridge Rectifiers

What Is a Rectifier Transformer?

In the ace world of technologies we all are looking for some reliable device with can complete our demand of power supply and give us tremendous results in the production lines. To bridge the wide gap between the demand of the electricity and supply of the same, the Transformer Manufacturers In India are manufacturing a huge range of transformers to meet the voltage supply demand of various industries.

There are a large number of industries which require specific industrial application device due to the great usage of power as its main resource for production. The transformers are used in the various types of industries which help to distribute the supply of energy evenly throughout the various types of heavy motored devices. Among the various types of the transformers, Rectifier Transformer is one of the basic transformers which are slightly different from the normal power and distribution versions. They are special transformers which are made especially for the industrial applications with the view of achieving the goal. It is a special application device which has diodes and thyristors in the same tank. It is mainly designed to convert the alternating current (AC) to the direct current (DC) for integrated application.

Bridge Rectifiers transformer is defines as an electrical device which has one of its winding connected to one of the circuits as a dedicated transformer. It is also called converter transformer. The application of the device ranges from a large aluminum electrolyses to various medium-size operation. It can be a built-in or separate voltage regulation unit which is demanded in the different sized industries. Due to the wide application usage and high demand, it can have various designs up to a combination of voltage regulation.

The application areas of the device include DC Traction, Electrolysis, Smelting Operations, Large Variable Speed Drive Trains, Transit Traction Applications, Mining Applications, Electric Furnace Applications, Higher-Voltage Laboratory-Type Experiments, High-Voltage Direct-Current Power Transmission (HVDC), Static Precipitators, and others. The application of the industry can drive the design variation which has some considerations including:

  • Interphase connection for low voltage, high current applications
  • Bridge type connection of the thyristors for higher voltages
  • Eddy current and harmonic issues
  • Number of pulses (6, 12 and higher with phase shifting)

Bridge Rectifiers transformers can be classified into three categories which includes liquid-immersed, dry-type, or cast-coil technology. The dry type transformers were first and foremost used in distribution-voltage classes. While dry type and cast coil types are limited by voltage and KVA size. However, the most fascinating point is the liquid-immersed transformers can be built to all voltage levels and current levels