Nebulizer machine

Who Else Wants Portable Nebulizers?

A nebulizer or atomizer is a gadget used to medicate people through a liquid mist inhaled into the air passages. It is commonly used by asthmatic people as well as those with other respiratory diseases. It is different from an inhaler although both are effective at rescuing those who are experiencing an asthma attack. Doctors have been known to prescribe the use of inhalers over Nebulizer machine because the former are cheaper and handier. Nebulizers, on the other hand, are often easier to use, at least, for very young children. They also carry a more positive visual effect because of the mist. Patients tend to feel that they are more effective than inhalers.

Standard nebulizers are cumbersome to transport around, but it is best to have them around all the time. To address this need, manufacturers have come up with portable versions. Unlike inhalers, portable versions still require an energy source and naturally, not all places carry electrical outlets. Fortunately, there are now battery-operated portable ones that are also handy although not necessarily as compact as inhalers.

Portable versions are perfect for the active, outdoorsy type of person as they obviously can be taken anywhere, even in places without electrical outlets. They allow for the same benefits as standard ones, but are more ideally used while staying somewhere else whether on business or vacation, during school or work, and while on the road. It is better to purchase ones that use rechargeable batteries to avoid the constant purchase and eventual discard of batteries. Disposable battery-powered ones arguably give more breathing treatments per set, but in the long run rechargeable batteries and an alternate set are a better investment.

These products may also come as either portable pneumatic or ultrasonic versions. Pneumatic ones create mist with gas or compressed air as the driving force. They usually have a concentric or a fixed cross-flow design. Ultrasonic ones, on the other hand, use sound or vibrations instead of gas as the energy source for turning liquid into mist. Ultrasonic versions are generally more expensive and difficult to use, but they have considerably lower detection limits. They allow more medication into the patient’s lungs and are able to use up more of the liquid you put into it than other versions.

Just like with standard Nebulizer machine, if portable ones bore steroids, the user must rinse his or her mouth after use to prevent the onset of a possibly yeast infection or thrush. Also be aware that nebulizing may cause vibration in the head during use.