Why T-shirts are a Great Form of Advertising

T-shirts provide a cost-effective and resourceful form of advertising. Many companies are turning to advertising using them for the following reasons:

Longer lifespan

Branded t-shirts provide the user with clothing and a point of association with a company and its products. A user is thus more likely to help in advertising a company for a long time through wearing compared to other forms of advertising such as billboards which run for a short time. T-shirts will, for example, advertise a company even after a promotion is over.

Walking Advertisements

Branded t-shirts are walking billboards which are less expensive and provide geographically unlimited advertising. Many people will see an advert on a t-shirt compared to that on a billboard which then provides a return on marketing expenditure.

Small Effort for Large Reward

Messages on a printed t-shirt can travel a long distance unlike on a stationary billboard. Broadcast adverts with a wide reach are more expensive. Further, a t-shirt will outlive a billboard thus provide advertising for a longer time. Broadcast advertising involves a large marketing budget and one cannot be sure that the message will reach the target customer. T-shirts provide lasting advertising able to stick in the minds of customers, unlike broadcast messages.
Attracting Potential Employees

Branded t-shirts help attract a pool of qualified potential employees by making a company become known among job seekers. Little known companies experience difficulties in recruiting competent personnel.

Conversation Starters

Wearing t-shirts help start a conversation about a company and its products. Brands awareness among potential customers is vital in driving sales. Customer loyalty can be achieved through these conversations since the customer becomes aware of reasons to stick with the brand such as promotions, new product features and uses.

Supplement Other Marketing Efforts

Printed t-shirts can, in addition, be used to supplement other marketing efforts such as salesforce activity. A company’s staff wearing t-shirts makes the consumer aware of current offers which increases product sales. T-shirts are a great way to reflect short-lived changes in the company which cannot be communicated to the target audience through existing mediums such as billboards.