Hairstylist Course

Hair Cutting Tips – Learning How to Cut Hair

Learning how to cut hair is a good skill and in fact, can be a profitable skill you can start with. You can become the family’s hairdresser or you can also cut your friend’s hair or start a salon where you can put your skill into good and profitable use.

Of course, it is very important that you hone your skill in hair cutting before diving into some salon businesses or even attempting to cut a friend’s hair. They definitely don’t want to be test subjects for your hair cutting experiments, thus make sure you know the basics and you have mastered the skill. Learning some hair cutting tips from experts and those that have been around in the hairdressing business for long can be of big help as well.

If you want to improve your hair cutting skills, here are a few hair cutting tips that you may find useful and helpful in honing your skills as well.

Learn the different types, texture, wave patterns and behavior of every hair. Indeed, hair cutting is not just about cutting the hairstyle that the person wants on his/her hair. You also have to understand if the nature of the hair and the type of hair will behave the way the client wants to see. Of course, you may be able to get the perfect look right after the hair cutting session but you have to make sure as well that the look will stay days after and as long as it should be.

It is a fact that different types of hair may not fit certain hairstyles and you have to be aware of what type is fit for a certain cut. The shape of one’s face is also a consideration in choosing the best hair cut or hairstyle for said person. It is important for hairstylists to be able to identify as well the hairstyles and hair cuts that will look good on certain face shape. It may look beautiful on another person, but may not look good on another, thus make sure you also develop this skill of smartly identifying which hairstyle is a no-no for certain shapes of faces and hair types.

Another one of the important Hairstylist Course tips that you may want to keep in mind also is to consider the angle in which you are cutting the hair. Pulling the hair at a 90 degree angle before making the cut, you will create layers for your hair cut. Bringing the hair into a 45 degree angle before you make the cut can bring you a layered cut which allows longer layers on the top. These are Hairstylist Course basics that you also have to keep in mind to be able to provide the cut and the look that the client wants. Of course, hair can sometimes be difficult to handle. Wavy hairs tend to shrink back in length when not pulled, thus also be careful to consider this when deciding for the length of the cut and deciding for the hairstyle as well.