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Hiring a Lactation Consultant to Provide Professional Breast Feeding Advice

Since the concept of a lactation massage is relatively new, many mothers-to-be are unaware of what they do. The simple explanation is that a lactation consultant specializes in teaching mothers how to breast-feed.

That may seem like a simple task, but it’s not. Some mothers and some babies have problems breast-feeding and the lactation consultant works with them to figure out the problem and find the solution in order to breast feed successfully.

The first questions asked tends to be about how to actually get in touch with one of these consultants. You can start by checking out your local hospital and medical clinics in the area.

Some of these professionals even have their own private practices. So, there are several easy ways to locate one in your area. You could ask your doctor who they recommend for this type of help. Your pediatrician, midwife, or obstetrician should know a few names.

You could also search in a phone book or online. The International Lactation Consultant Association is another great resource.

And if you are still struggling to find one, then you can use the service provided by breast pump manufacturer Medela who maintain a list of consultants on their website.

A good lactation consultant will be able to help you with many things and you should not be scared to ask them any specific questions you may have. They can help you prefect your technique through their previous experience.

These consultants can also help with other problems. If you have breast pain caused by engorgement or other nursing problems, the consultant can help relieve these problems.

They are aware of methods to improve your baby’s feeding and therefore to gain weight. So if your child is experiencing weight problems it might be worth your while consulting either a doctor or a lactation consultant.

If you have low milk production or too much milk production, they can show you methods of improving your situation. They also know about products, like breast pumps and nursing bras, that you can use while your baby is an infant.

So if you are experiencing problems with your breast feeding it may be worthwhile considering employing the services of a lactation massage.