Cleaning office company

When to Hire a Cleaning Service

Hiring a scheduled Cleaning office company or staffing a full-time maid helps out many people who need help with upkeep, but lack time or energy. However, this may not fit into everybody’s budget. But regardless of the budget, all calendars bring about special dates when your home needs that need extra oomph, sparkle, and shine. Booking a cleaning company for post-construction, moving out, and the annual spring-cleaning relieves stress and recovers your home like new.

1. Post-construction: After a large home or office construction project, a deep cleaning is required. The white dust residue is difficult to eliminate and gathers in every nook and cranny. Many cleaning companies offer this specialty service and will wipe down every surface, clean windows thoroughly, shampoo and vacuum carpets, wax hardwood floors, and tackle those hard to reach places. The cost is relative to the location, competition, and economy, but instead of charging per square foot, many companies charge per item cleaned. For example, carpet cleaning starts at.11 to.15 cents per square foot, and easily accessible windows, $2.50 to $2.75 each. Newly constructed home cleanup does charge per square foot, at about.15 to.26 cents.

2. Moving in/out: You need that deposit back, so the investment in professional help pays off. Plus, the moving process has other stresses like packing, so check one thing off your “to-do” list and hire a cleaning company to make your place shine for the next tenant. Moving out packages include cleaning wall spots, hiding nail holes, buffing out spills and stains on carpets, and cleaning used appliances. Moving in (or out) cleaning consists of everything in a routine service plus deep cleaning of the baseboards, the oven, stove, refrigerator, ceiling fans, inside cabinets and drawers, and light fixtures. Starting at about $24 per hour, many maid services offer customized add-ons (laundry, green cleaning, etc.) for an additional charge.

3. Spring Cleaning: Every year, your house and life deserves a de-cluttering and deep cleaning to prepare for the next season. In addition to cleaning the obvious trouble spots like the bathroom and kitchen, spring-cleaning services reach those overlooked places as well, like dusting ceiling fans. While spring cleaning alone may take days or weeks, within hours, a professional cleaning service can get the job done, even those jobs you hate, like cleaning the refrigerator interior. Total Spring Cleaning packages start at about $25 per hour for basic services and charge for extra specialty service. Some companies even add scented air fresheners to carpets and rooms for a pleasing, long-lasting aroma.

Regular Cleaning office company keeps your living space comfortable and guest-friendly, but remember the local professionals who wait to help you when you need manpower, but lack the time. Take time to research to find the best deal and companies that offer references, background checks, and professional results.